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Important mathematical question!!!

If two angles whose absolute values added together equal ninety degrees are complementary, and two angles whose absolute values added together equal 180 degrees, what are two angles whose absolute values are 360?

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This is a handy-dandy formula for calculating dream-time up to two dream levels down from proper time, As Seen On TV Inception, along with a table of some general values.

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Jul. 10th, 2010 09:02 pm
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This heart made of kitties is for you!!

(Also that one!!!)
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Hey, guys?

Just when I thought he couldn't get any more self-important, Mr. Ellison trademarked his name.

HARLAN ELLISON®: I DO NOT THINK IT MEANS WHAT YOU THINK IT MEANS. I'm getting a lot of mileage out of this icon.
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Because somehow I decided that reading through some of the rules for Pensacola Christian College was a good idea.

Highlights include:

'For White Glove weekend: "Men may wear jeans and collared shirts to breakfast this Saturday, [date of white glove], because of White Glove. Stone washed or acid washed denim should not be worn. Students must change immediately after breakfast."'

'It should be noted that at any time, the administration (or students authorized by the administration) may go through your room, unannounced, looking for anything unauthorized. Legally or not, this will include opening drawers and going through paperwork. You may or may not be present, and you may or may not be notified.'

'After bed-time ("lights out:" 11:00 every day, including weekends) you may receive demerits for talking, taking your contacts out, having your feet on the floor (or possibly suspended a few inches from the floor), being in the bathroom, or basically doing anything but lying in bed.'

'No local calls over 30 minutes.' (Because goodness knows if you go over thirty minutes, Satan and his devils will have enough time to crawl through your phone line.)

No student is allowed to talk or otherwise interact with another student of the opposite sex outside of a 'chaperoned' area. It does not matter if they are alone or among hundreds of students if it is not an 'official' chaperoned area. )

And, of course:

'You may not go to a public library.'

I can only assume that last rule is to prevent students from learning the meaning of the word 'totalitarian'.

P.S. A few actually made me burst out laughing:

'You may not allow the end of your belt to hang down from the belt-loops resembling a phallus.'

'You may not wipe "boogers" on the wall. This is being cracked down on.'
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I think that I am very bad at doing healthy things in a healthy way. Or something. Also I have sunburn. And then my mom dragged me off to go shoe-shopping, which I sort of hate.

But on the other hand I got to listen to Romana fantasize about Leela-the-exotic-dancer! :D

EDIT: Suspiciously Sitting While Black & Autistic

Have a defense fund and a petition.
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Title: Apres moi les deluge
Pairing/s: AU Master/Doctor
Rating: ..R-ish? There's smut! ...Very little smut, I'm terrible at smut. hur hur 'little'
Word count: ~ 1,900 (and now you know why I'm not commentficcing it anonymously.)
Disclaimer: All elements borrowed from Doctor Who ( = approx. all) are not mine. Even the AU was someone else's request.
Request: "AU in which the Doctor got the drums instead of the Master. Only it eventually drives him a bit madder than the Master ever was, but without making him evil. And the Master tries to take care of him, but of course with a mentally unstable person there are consent issues and he finds it very hard to resist the Doctor..."

(More or less.)

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Apologies, I just had something to add. Namely, an icon. )

EDIT: Also! Don't worry! If you fall and need hospitalization, the authorities will forcibly separate you from your domestic partner and sell all your possessions! It's your own fault for not being legally linked, despite the fact that we won't let you!

EDIT 2: Crediting for the icon is lovely, but so is using your comment/keywords to link to a post explaining the fail instead.
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Given the previous wording of this question, I think I have better things to be upset about.

(Passed on from [ profile] lienne.)

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Icon dump post! Thing.

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